Shanks Wakefield ePermits System
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Commercial Vehicle Permit Disclaimer

Commercial Vehicle Permit Disclaimer

Section 1 – Declaration of Origin of the Waste

  • 1.1

    Section 51 (2) of the Environmental Protection Act (1990) enables Local Authorities to restrict the availability of HWRCs to specified descriptions of waste.

    As such all Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) across the District of Wakefield are to accept household waste only. Waste generated through business, commercial or trade activities or through other organisations such as charities cannot be deposited at HWRCs and must be deposited at other licenced and permitted waste management facilities, including the Wakefield (Denby Dale Rd) Transfer Station.

  • 1.2

    By signing and submitting this form you are declaring to Renewi Waste Management Ltd:

    • That only waste generated from your own household is being deposited.
    • That no waste generated from business, commercial, trade activities or from other organisations is being brought in by you.
    • That the information supplied to Renewi Waste Management Ltd on this form is accurate.
  • 1.3

    Additionally by signing and submitting this form you are agreeing that:

    • Once waste has been deposited at a HWRC, it becomes the property of Renewi Waste Management Ltd. Renewi Waste Management Ltd therefore has the right to undertake any further investigations necessary to identify the origin of the waste (including taking photographic evidence and records of the deposited waste).
    • Renewi Waste Management Ltd may pass details of suspected commercial and trade waste to relevant authorities (such as the Wakefield Council and the Environment Agency) to enable further investigations to be carried out. This information may be used to issue fixed penalty notices or as evidence in a prosecution.
    • Subject to investigation, any unlawful deposit of business, commercial or trade waste at any of Renewi HWRC's is considered an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and person(s) responsible may be prosecuted and fined up to £50,000 and/or receive a custodial sentence of up to 5 years upon conviction.

Section 2 – Notes

  • 2.1

    Please ensure that all parts of your online application form are completed, signed and dated.

  • 2.2

    Completion of our online application form does not automatically grant access. Vehicles found to contain waste generated by commercial, trade or business activities, or any other organisation's waste or recycling will be refused access to the HWRCs.

  • 2.3

    Renewi Waste Management Ltd, or Wakefield Council, may refuse admittance if any information on the form is incomplete or incorrect. The decision to not grant access is final.

  • 2.4

    Information submitted that is later found to be false will mean that future access to the HWRCs is suspended pending investigation.

  • 2.5

    Any evidence of commercial, trade, business or another organisations waste will be investigated. Renewi reserve the right to take photographic evidence of waste they suspect to be commercial / trade or business for investigative purposes.

  • 2.6

    Householders who have completed a Household Waste Declaration Form are not excluded from normal checks at the HWRCs and will be subject to identification checks and/or checks on the types of materials intended for disposal at the HWRCs.

  • 2.7

    Renewi Waste Management Ltd reserve the right to investigate and confirm with other agencies as to whether business/vehicle owners have the authority for the use of the said vehicle.

Section 3 – Definition of Commercial Type Vehicles and access with Trailers

'Commercial Type Vehicles' are defined as: normal use being for commercial purposes and/or with no rear seat belts and/or no rear windows and/or have an open back and/or tail lift, or a back which is separated from the main cab area (e.g. closed cab pick-ups).

Do I have to fill in a form for access with a trailer?

Only cars, vans and 4 x 4s may bring in a trailer. If the load bed is less than 6ft x 4ft long a commercial vehicle permit is not required. If the load bed is greater than 6ft x 4ft in length you must apply for a commercial vehicle permit. Trailers with a load bed over 3m (approx 10ft) are not permitted access to HWRCs. If the trailer is deemed by staff to be modified, you will not be permitted on site.